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4 Basic Safety Measures for Electricians

Electricity is one of the topmost utilities that keep the world running.  From a single house somewhere in a suburb to the giant industries, there is a never-ending need for electricity for their day to day business. So what happens when the power goes off because of some technical problems? The need for electricity makes an electrician’s job as important as any other work.

When the wires break or any other problem in the electrical circuit occurs, calling electrician is the first thing you do if you don’t know how electricity works.

From installation to maintaining the power and electrical systems in homes, offices, industries, and factories, an electrician Mackay serve you at their best.

It is not that you always need a professional but it would demand some safety measures if you want to solve issues yourself. But, certainly, electricity is not something you monkey around with. It’s better to call-in professional electricians for help than risking your life.

So are you a commercial electrician or a residential electrician?

In either case, you need to make all the necessary arrangements for safety before starting fixing wires.

Tip 1: Electricity is no friend

Electricians must never consider wires safe if they look down. A smart electrician will dry his hands before starting fixing. A towel might come in handy to dry your sweat while working. You also need to ask your client if his electronic equipment is wet or dry. Avoid even standing in water while repairing electrical devices.

Plus, if you are not trained for certain work, do not go beyond your qualification.

Tip 2: Equipment for protection

Your client can provide you with electric tools, but for your safety always keep your personal protective equipment. Make a list of things like safety glasses, insulated gloves, safety shoes, and flame resistant clothes and get yourself these before starting.

Tip 3: Unplug Everything

Being an engineer you should develop a habit of unplugging all the appliance/devices you are not using. If it is not turned on doesn’t mean it is not drawing electricity. If you are servicing electrical equipment, disconnect all other appliances.

Tip 4: Keep non-conductive tools

Your tools are your best friends. But, you don’t know that, do you? They can turn into the worst enemy until you make sure they have non-conductive surfaces for safe handling.  You need to invest in good non-conductive equipment. You can search online for some good and affordable options online.

Your safety comes before everything. Being a professional, ensure you have appropriate knowledge of all the necessary safety procedures. Follow all the safety measures and do not work in a careless way. Keep yourself updated with the changing trends and keep all the mandatory equipment.

Fix yourself before fixing wires!

Best Electrician In Canberra

Are you moving to a new home? Do you want to have electrical repairs done in your home? Do you want to replace electrical wiring in your home? Then if your answer is yes, you may be looking for the best electrician in Canberra. Whenever hiring an electrician, it is essential to go for the skilled and qualified one to carry out the complex tasks. Hiring unqualified electrician will lead to a shoddily done electrical wiring, which can turn out and become hazardous to you and the life of the loved ones. Thus, it is vital to go for someone who’s an expert in the field. Below are the main ways on how you can come across the best electrician:


It is true that there are two main types of electricians. There are those working as a team, and others are working as individuals. You will realise that the majority of them are working for a specific company and are equipped with different skills which are vital as they help in classifying them as either apprentices, journeyman or master electricians. Therefore, you should hire an electrician depending on the type of job you have. If you only want to install fans or tube lights, you can decide to hire any of these electricians, and you don’t have to go for the master electrician. However, if the work you’re offering entails intricate detailing such as fitting of new wirings or changing of the cables, the consider going for someone who’s highly experienced in the field.

Is that electrician licensed?

A highly experienced electrician is the one with the necessary knowledge and required skills to carry out your electrical work. He/she must be in a position of carrying out the electrical work and provide the best service safely. A certified electrician is the one having an experience exceeding three years in the industry. Other than this, a certified electrician must be ready to offer a warranty of not less than 12 months on the work they complete.

How about their reputation?

The best electrician is the one with an endless list of satisfied clients. He/she must know what is required in addition to providing high-quality installations and repairs. You can easily judge the type of electrician you’re hiring by visiting their website and confirming the reviews left behind by the previous clients. A better rating is an indication that the electricians provides remarkable work and never hesitate to hire them.

Also, if you’re familiar with any home contractors, request them to guide you when you want to find the best electrical contractor. This process becomes essential when you’re after conducting complete electrical installation your home or office. Ensure that this kind of task is only carried by someone who is an expert in that field.

Finally, after getting the best electrician Canberra can offer, it is good to let them come to your home or office and assess the work needed. You will find many contractors like sending their apprentices, who evaluates the needed work and then provide the quote. If you’re not okay with the issued quote, you have the option of going for the second option. At this time try choosing someone who will provide the services within your budget.