Getting the Most out of Solar Panels

Surprisingly going solar is now actually cheaper than ever. This is all due to the falling cost and increasing efficiency of solar panels. However if you actually consider the price of the solar panels there are things like the efficiency of solar panels to be taken into account as well. Solar panels also have a yield which helps determine how much electricity would be generated over the course of one year.

The efficiency of a solar panels depends upon how much solar power can these yield and how much electricity would these generate. Since the amount of solar energy provided to the panels may differ from one place to another, research is going into building tougher modules which yield the best result.

Meanwhile the research is being carried out, there are certain studies underway which would ensure that people get the most out of their solar panels. Check here for solar panel Gold Coast prices.

Reducing the effect of the hot weather on the efficiency of solar panels

When temperatures rise the weather starts getting hot. The high temperatures often reduce the voltage of the solar panels thereby reducing their efficiency. Usually roof top solar panels can lose about 30 % of their electricity output. To combat this problem, research is being carried out at Arizona State University. They are working on improving the back sheet or the bottom layer of the photo voltaic cells. This layer protects the panels from moisture and other kind of damage caused by the environment. They are working on the construction of back sheets made from different materials. These are being studied to ensure which material would be best and help improve the efficiency of the photo voltaic cells.

Preventing dirt from reducing efficiency

Solar panels can also lose energy when dirt accumulates on top of them. In other words the accumulation of dirt is also known as soiling. The energy loss can be anywhere from five to ten percent. There should be some research carried out on the environmental factors which cause soiling and how it can be prevented to get the most out of the solar panels. The key is to develop such a dirt resistant system which can prevent the loss of efficiency.

Shady business

Heat and dirt can reduce the efficiency of the solar panels in a direct way, shade is pretty complicated. Even a little amount of shade over a solar module can drastically reduce its efficiency. In case of clouds and the rainy weather, there’s little which can be done. However, there are times when shade could be a result of obstruction between the sunlight and the solar panels. Tis could result in hot spots which eventually start damaging the solar panels. To combat this issue the University of Michigan, is working on a super cell design. It actually helps balance the power across the complete module. The design is such that solar modules in the shade can keep working just as efficiently as the rest of the modules.

The work is underway to build better and more efficient modules. For more information on solar panels make sure you contact solar panels suppliers in Gold Coast.